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As progressives, it’s easy to see Trump voters as racists, misogynists, and xenophobes. However, the grim reality is that millions of people only ingest positive news about Donald Trump due to the right-wing media’s convincing delivery of alternative facts and disinformation. 

Imagine a world where everything you saw, watched and heard projected a radically different America, an America where Trump was a man of God, a loyal family man, a strong leader. In this version of reality, society is crumbling around you and the Democrats are to blame for all your problems. Even if you knew in your gut that something was wrong, that it didn’t all add up, would you dare to defy the conventional wisdom of those around you? Would you trust yourself enough to fight the gaslighting or would you need some help, some outside source to confirm your instincts? TruthNotLies is that outside source. 

We are the voice of reason & truth that speaks to America’s conservatives and exposes them to the sordid reality of the beast that is Donald Trump.


where you’d least expect it

TruthNotLies educates conservative voters and spreads the truth about Donald Trump. Many conservatives, especially evangelicals & women, have no idea how much of an unscrupulous and radically immoral, anti-conservative man Donald Trump is. Our goal is to pierce the conservative disinformation bubble to disengage far-right conservative voters from Trump.

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I always say, the biggest shock was the most engaged folks were the conservative Republicans.”

Episode 915

Planet Money Podcast

There are people who — the ultimate bad for them is a negative mention in The New York Times,” Mr. Goldstein said. “To me, the ultimate bad is losing.

Democrats are Scrambling to Take Back the Internet

New York Times

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This election isn’t about a particular candidate or a particular platform. This election is about the survival of democracy, of the American way of life, and of freedom itself.

Donald Trump & his allies are doing everything they can––legal or not––to disenfranchise the electorate, from dismantling the Postal Service to disenrolling voters, and spreading conspiracies within the dark pools of his base.

Our country is reeling.

These extraordinary times call for extraordinary efforts, for a break from how things are usually done. We cannot rest on our laurels and hope things turn out OK.

That’s why we’re doing this. The stakes are too high not to.

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